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Tokyo is the most populated city and the capital of Japan. It gracefully mixes the ultra-modern and the traditional to create one unique, inimitable Tokyo. In Tokyo, it is never uncommon to see skyscrapers rising amid serene temples. The city is a famed destination for tourists from all over the world, majorly owing to its popular manga/anime culture and vibrant food scene.

There are several renowned tourist areas in Tokyo, namely:

Shinjuku: Undeniably the most crowded vicinity of Tokyo, Shinjuku is the commercial district as well as a tourist hotspot of the city. Here the best shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment facilities are located. Many landmarks in Shinjuku are a must-visit, including Shinjuku Gyoen National Garde, Samurai Museum and Shinjuku Golden Gai, the most popular bar street in the area.

Be sure to also check out Kabukicho, another well-known walking street that seems to never sleep. Shinjuku is a definite place to pass by for any traveller who ever steps into Tokyo, especially nightlife lovers and shopping worshippers!

Tokyo Station: Both the central train station of Tokyo and an important cultural heritage of the city, Tokyo Station is an important gateway to many landmarks. There are plenty of choices for shopping, dining, cultural indulgence and art admiration.

The most notable destinations around this area are Imperial Palace, Tokyo International Forum, and Tokyo Ramen Street. Be sure to check out the view of the station at night, for it is simply spectacular and worthy of photo taking!

Ikebukuro: Known to be the shoppers and fun seekers’ paradise, Ikebukuro houses some of the best department stores and izakayas (Japanese pubs) of Tokyo. The area is distinctively divided into East and West districts. The West district tends to be more entertainment -oriented while the East counterpart poses better shopping options.

Ikebukuro is particularly ideal for anime and manga lovers, for many shops dedicated to their shopping needs are located here. Not interested in any of the above? No worry, Ikebukuro have many other places for its visitors, such as animal cafes, museums, and even amusement parks! This area is surely a go-to destination for families, sightseers and culture lovers.

Generally, there are all sorts of accommodation offered in Shinjuku, Tokyo Station, and Ikebukuro. They range from the unique, affordable hotel capsules to the most expensive of hotels. Travellers will definitely find a place that suits their preference and budget.

For transportation within Tokyo, travellers are advised to get a pass in order to use the Toei subway, buses, and streetcars. The city is indeed covered by a complicated network of public transport, and it definitely takes some time to learn. Once the details are mastered, travellers will find going around Tokyo with public transport is totally convenient.

All information valid as of April 2016.

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Ismael Benyatim
Ismael Benyatim

I had great time there although had quite a challenge understanding the complicated train routes. A little Japanese would be handy next time

Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan

Travelling with the train station is so easy and tokyo is very foreigner friendly so getting around is easy

Anne Lowrey
Anne LowreySan Francisco

A truly incredible city of the world that is not to be missed! From its fresh sushi to its temples and parks...from skyscrapers to ramen counters, to unique neighborhoods full of culture, Tokyo is something that must be seen, heard, and tasted to full and lasting effect. It's also wonderfully safe for female travelers as far as large cities go.

lauren turner
lauren turner

I felt safe even alone at night. I love the nightlife as well as fashion. I studied abroad for 3 months and even that was not enough time. I'm going back this year!


The least expensive month is January, with an average of HK$1,009 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Tokyo is April, with an average price of HK$1,488 per night.
The average price of a hotel in April last year was HK$1,223 per night. This is 3% less than the average nightly price of HK$1,269 seen over the previous 12 months.
In Tokyo, the expected average temperature in April is 14.1°C/57.3°F. The warmest month is typically August, which averages 31.9°C/89.4°F. The coolest month is January, with temperatures averaging -1.0°C/30.2°F.
The nearest airport to Tokyo is Tokyo Haneda (HND) (16.53km).Other nearby airports include: Tokyo Narita (63.67km)

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